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The blue memory, 200cm. 60cm, Borosilicate glass, wood, written paper, March, glass museum marinha grande 

When I was a kid, I used to play in the yard of my grandfather's house, Using a broom as a horse, racing around the yard. When my Grandpa passed away, his home was sold, demolished, and replaced with modern apartments.

During these last years, we witnessed lots of changes in our world. So in the two meters banner, I wrote all the things that got my attention, and I think they have a role in our shape these days.

This blue soda-lime glass broom represents my dreaming colour. I used as many as possible different blue tonalities in this bloom to hold dreams. This artwork is a tribute to my childhood dreams and is a sign for me to remember that nothing can demolish those beautiful memories, and I wish this broom Sweeps all those worries mentioned in the banner behind.

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