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I heard you and I am , 10/2019, gallery S12, Bergen, Norway

“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” — Ernest Holmes
Life works as a mirror; our thoughts shine this mirror and the mirror reflects them as actions to the world. All those actions again will be reflected to this mirror and make new thoughts and then new actions and this circle continues through the history and will never stop.  
This art work talks about peoples who follow an ideology which was presented long time ago and have been carried through the history from generation to generation. That ideology has formed believes, characters and identities. In this work, hands are symbols of identities and characters. People use their hands to not only do their works but also transfer their emotions and messages. It is and was an effective and simple tool for communications through history. 
This work was made using five hundred transparent borosilicate glass hands. Transparency and combination of the light and shadows of each hand made an amazing spotlight in a hand's shadow which is a sign of the light of our beliefs that exists in our hearts.

Each hand has a unique character, as it was made separately and carefully. They have gathered around an empty circle area with 30cm diameter and formed a bigger circle with 100cm diameter. The whole size of the installation is an square with 300cm in 330cm.

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