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The ultimate objective of her artistic journey, to date, as seen in her work, has been to understand how human networks and Identities are formed and what their underlying structure is. More specifically, her works reflect her attempt to understand the meaning of network systems and, in particular, her role and position – as an individual node – in this complex web, as well as the nature of her artistic task as an interpreter of this all-encompassing network. Her works and thoughts stem from her belief that, in order to meaningfully apprehend significant aspects of our world, we must first attain a clear vision of ourselves. 
Therefore as a visual artist who uses glass as the main material in her works, she tries to find herself, while trying to master glass.
Glass is a material that can be in a soft or hard, Transparent or opaque, solid or liquid. A living creature that you have to befriend with to be able to work with. However,  as an artist, she uses each object that can show her concerns. This is totally clear in her all individual exhibitions and works. The mixture of daily use staff and spiritual mood of glass caused her works to have a taste of a dream. 

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