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Flowing on dreams, 3/2021, Aknoon Gallery and Stal Gallery, Isfahan and Oman

An individual node against the whole network is the principle of this work. 
I always imagined a place that could reveal a self-existing and self-reflection alongside a massive network consisting of all those reflections. In other words, how can one individual reflection from itself and on all network be exhibited? This concern pursued me to create this work. This artwork comprises thousands of different size, two-millimeter mirror squares, which sewed or pined one by one on a curtain's surface as the foundation. The idea of floating reflection, forming from the continuous movement of the unstable hanging, comes from the existence of human affection of each other's identities.
Our daily life consisted of uncountable interconnections with other human beings through the massive social network. We are steadily developing our character in this progress. Therefore, one man's personality is made of billions of other people's reflections. 

The share of each person's affection may never be equal to the others in society. That is the reason why the sizes of mirrors are not equivalent in this work.