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Kollon Mena, 2/2023, Muttrah fish market, Muttrah, Oman

Curated by: Rasmia Noor Mohamed Al Zadjdali

Artists:Safaa Erruas, Elmira Abolhassani, Riham Noor Al Zadjali


The original impetus behind Kullon Menna was sparked by the hostility of the way of the world, and the collective, protracted cruelty inflicted on certain groups of people. 


Having witnessed firsthand these seasons of affliction, a core group of artists came together seeking to represent the scares and scars of war and displacement.


Although themselves fortunate to have witnessed but not experienced the duress of war and its brutality, all three artists live with and sense the devastating toll of human suffering. Through their art, they wish to speak for the wounded, the uprooted and the perished. 


Theirs is an expression of empathy and human kindness that comes from a position of privilege; the privilege of normalcy which, when juxtaposed against surrounding misery, often breeds feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. 


Kullon Menna is for each of us spent by passive outrage. It is a forward-motion against the routinization of the consequences of war, away from the traffic in angry words and around the pervasive notion that privilege does not entitle its holder to empathy.

Elmira has participated in this show with three installation pieces and one video art. 

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