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Let The Bad Speak, 10/2023, Fondazione 107, Turin, Italy

Curator:Exo Art Lab team 

Photo credit: Matteo Losurdo

Artists: Elmira Abolhassani, Hoda Afshar, Elyas Alavi, Armin Amirian, Hangama Amiri, Latifa Zafar Attaii,Nasser Turkmani

"Let the Bād Speak" explores, in a new and delicate way, Iran and Afghanistan's social and political dynamics, and it does so by elevating the art of 7 artists from both countries
The common thread between their different expressive languages is the heartfelt desire to establish a cross-cultural dialogue that departs from the aggressive tones of dominant narratives. "Bād", in dari/farsi, means ‘wind’. The wind is also, metaphorically, the voice of the Afghan and Iranian people. Every year, for 120 days, it visits
Afghanistan and the Iranian plateau, howling impetuously across their steppes. The title of the exhibition – appealing to a fortunate assonance with the English word “bad” – aims to summarise the desire to fight against any superficial distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and the eagerness to tune into stories that any abstract polarization can properly tell.

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